Repair or Replace My AC Unit?

If you need help or advice on which choice to make, call for a


We have many options to suit your budget. We offer affordable solutions to your air conditioning needs.

The older your unit becomes, the more expensive the repairs will cost. A new energy efficient model will pay for itself in a few years due to the decrease in energy costs. See More Savings when you buy a higher seer efficiency New AC System.

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Repairing is a good choice for younger HVAC systems. A few signs of an HVAC system that needs replacement are:

Technology is changing the way we live and AC manufacturers are taking note by applying advanced mechanics to their products to increase comfort. Advanced features, such as improved, as well as smart home automation and communication may provide homeowners with more precise temperature control, noise reduction and energy efficiency when compared to their current model.

We can help you decide whether to repair or replace.

If the best option is to replace, make sure you have Quality of expertise and experience for an air conditioning installation. This along with the right equipment backed by exceptional manufacturer warranties will help you get the most for your investment.

We at T & S Air are the experts you want to call to help you Save on your AC installation with Energy Saving Systems!

Value, Quality and Savings!

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