New Air Conditioning Systems

Call to schedule a Free Estimate on any New air conditioning replacement system. We at T & S Air are dedicated to providing many options and solutions to your air conditioning needs. Save on a New AC System installation with Energy Saving Systems! Upgrading your heating and cooling system may help with your monthly energy bill, overall indoor comfort, and give you peace of mind.

Energy Bills

Homes that were part of the new construction boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s may have their original heating and cooling systems. These aging systems may be inefficient and/or in need of constant repairs. If this sounds like your HVAC system, you may want to consider adding a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system to your home improvement list.

Since heating and cooling costs can typically make up about 48% of your utility bill, upgrading to higher efficiency equipment may be a wise home improvement choice. The energy savings that you get with an upgraded HVAC system may save you money on your monthly utility bill. When it comes to the higher the number, the more energy efficient the equipment was designed to be.

The good news is that since 2006, minimum energy efficiency standards, HVAC technology, and performance features of heating and cooling equipment have improved. Collectively, this can often be a good thing for your wallet.

Why Upgrade?

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, you may save up to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model. Upgrading to a higher efficiency HVAC system now may help you cut monthly energy cost for years and years to come. That sounds like a good home improvement option!

Indoor Comfort

Heating and cooling system manufacturers continue to design and incorporate technologies that may collectively improve your overall indoor comfort. HVAC systems that include variable-speed options and advanced HVAC controls provide additional benefits for homeowners who prioritize indoor comfort.

For example, HVAC equipment with variable speed fans automatically adjusts the amount of heated or cooled air blown through the vents into your indoor spaces. It gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand, minimizing the uncomfortable temperature peaks and valleys often found with the ON/OFF cycle of a single-speed unit. When your interior spaces reach the pre-set temperature on the thermostat or HVAC control system, the lower speed may maintain that set temperature longer than if the system turns off. This allows for steady, consistent comfort in your home.

Upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system may just mean an investment in the quality of your home life!

Peace of Mind

If you are like most people, your family’s indoor comfort is a priority: especially when outdoor temperatures are extreme. But in typical fashion, a heating or cooling system often stops working at the worst possible time…the weekend, holidays, or when you simply want to relax. Living with a failed HVAC system can be inconvenient and very uncomfortable!

To keep repair costs under control, you may want to establish a repair cost cutoff point - meaning that you will replace your heating and cooling system if repairs cost more than your set amount. If that’s the case in your home, you may want to call T & S Air to discuss cost-effective options available with a new system. We are a Family Owned & Operated business with the Family Budget in mind. We can help you SAVE!

Quality AC System Installation

A quality air conditioning system installation by T & S Air is the key to the longevity of your equipment. No matter what air conditioning system you choose, you want to make sure that it is installed in your home properly by experts like us!

WE ARE THE EXPERTS with Exceptional Warranties. See our Warranty Video below.

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You just can't beat the quality of service, low price, and great equipment that T & S Air provides. They have replaced several A/C units for me over the years. In all cases I have been delighted with the end product. I am proud to be able to give my recommendation for this company. If you need anything in the A/C arena, just call Scott or Tina. You will not be disappointed. Great work from a great family for a great price.

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