Saving Money with my AC Unit

Do your energy bills go up on an annual basis? Some of this increased cost could be due to inflationary pressure. Does it seem that it takes your air conditioning longer to cool your home than it once did? This could be the other part of the higher cost equation. Much like every other amenity in a home, an air conditioning unit tends to wear out over time. Not keeping an air conditioning system in proper working order can lead to a large loss of money because of inefficiency.

The manufacturer recommends that homeowners have their air conditioning units serviced once a year and more frequently for older units. This is especially important for Florida residents who experience hot and humid weather for long stretches of the year. Air conditioning systems that are serviced annually will both run more efficiently and last for a longer period of time. This easy step can save money in both the short term and the longer term.

If the air condition portion of your energy bill equals $100, you may save an average of up to $15 per month just by replacing the dirty filters with clean ones! But the real savings comes with minimizing the possible service calls for air conditioning emergencies and extending the life of your equipment!

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As trained licensed professionals who have been in the industry for over 25 years, we are better equipped to identify any airflow problems, system leaks, coil issues or potential failure concerns. To keep your system running at peak performance, and the ideal time for a Air Conditioning Tune Up is before or after the HOT season.

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Schdule our 21 Point AC Tune Up Today! Having regular AC Tune Ups will extend the life of your equipment, reduce the chance of being without COOL air and comfort during the hot season and bring you overall savings in the long run.

We can help you save on an Energy Saving AC System! WE ARE THE EXPERTS with Exceptional Warranties. Watch our Installation Video below.

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